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Is Your Tree Healthy?

General Overview

Is Your Tree HealthyEven if you think your trees on your property are perfectly healthy, it’s important to perform a health check of your trees from time to time, especially since the earlier that you spot any problems, the more likely they can be fixed. And best of all, you don’t have to be an experienced arborist to be able to do so. Here are the signs to look for in determining whether your tree is healthy or not: Read more

Why Only One Side of Your Tree Has Leaves

General Overview

Only One Side of Your Tree Has LeavesIn the summer months, being surrounded by trees can be a great thing, as having some shade to sit or stand in can offer a welcome reprieve from the scorching sun. However, you may have noticed that some of your trees don’t have a full amount of leaves on them, with some trees even having leaves only on one side. This can not only be inconvenient for you in terms of blocking out the sun, but it’s also not very aesthetically pleasing either. In order to understand how to deal with a tree with leaves on just one side, it’s first necessary to understand the reasons why this is the case. Read more

Dealing With Leaf Disease On Your Trees

General Overview

Dealing With Leaf DiseaseIt’s something that is often ignored, but have you ever looked at the leaves on your trees and noticed that some of them have some odd spots on them? Spotted leaves are a very common occurrence and are never a good sign. It’s actually, in all likelihood, a sign of leaf disease. More specifically, if you spot any brown or black spots on the leaves of your tree, that’s the direct result of fungus or bacteria. Here’s an overview of the situation and what you can do to preventĀ  or treat it: Read more