Dumpster Rental & Waste Disposal Services

Do you need to rent a dumpster in Santa Cruz County?

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Not available within the city limits of Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Capitola or Watsonville.

Roll off dumpsters are a great option for commercial and residential customers looking for an easy solution to haul away waste. whether dealing with a large construction project or just some extra yard waste simply tell us where you want the dumpster placed, fill it up and give us a call when you are ready to have it hauled away.

Here are some of the more common types of waste that dumpster rental is used to handle waste disposal:

Grass & Yard Waste

Tree Branches & Leaves

Dirt & Rocks

There are some limits as to what can be disposed of in a dumpster. If you have any questions about what does or doesn’t belong in a dumpster, you can check the Cal Recycle website for more thorough information about what needs to be recycled and what can be thrown out.

Dumpster Rental Rates

Terms and Conditions and Prohibited Items:
  • Do not exceed your weight limit; a fee will apply when weight limits are exceeded.
  • Please do not overload the container. The dumpster contents should not exceed “water level” at the top of the container. Contents should not be heaped up or extend past the top of the container or over the sides. Dumpster pick up may be refused if container volume is exceeded.
  • Dirt, rock or concrete only OK for 10 yards at a time, and cannot be mixed with any other debris.
  • Oversized Concrete (>2 feet size in any direction): $15 Per ton
  • Mattresses, large appliances, empty propane tanks and tires will be charged extra & must be placed on top of load:
    • Mattress: $10.00 each
    • Appliances: $20.00 each
    • Tires over 30’’: not acceptable
    • Propane tanks: $6.00 each
    • Tires (under 30’’): $15 each

In accordance with Section 5.3 of the Santa Cruz Counties Non-exclusive Franchise Agreement, recyclable, organic, and solid waste materials must be placed in separate containers. In the event that a customer intends to dispose of recyclable materials, organic materials, or C & D that totals more than 5% by weight or volume, “a separate container may be rented for recycling” so that the customer may source separate those materials from the solid waste as required by the County code. In the event of non-compliance with ordinance, customer may be fined up to $500.00.
Lewis Tree Service, Inc. cannot, and will not be responsible for damage to road surfaces and driveways from delivery or placement of dumpster. For any damages to customer’s pavement, curbing or any other driving surfaces resulting from the dumpster provider’s service at the customer’s location. Customers will be held liable for any damage to dumpster during rental period. No hazardous materials: No flammable, toxic and/or hazardous material, thinners, lacquers, paints, paint filter, solvents, oils, oil filters, contaminated absorbents, asbestos, batteries, infectious waste, contaminated soils, fuels, inks, resins, car tires over 30’’, car batteries, food wastes, adhesives or industrial drums to be placed in container. Any item containing refrigerant must be evacuated according to federal law before disposal.

  • All dumpsters have a 10-day limit from delivery to pick-up.
  • A charge of $15/day will be charged for any extra days the dumpster remains at customer’s location.
  • Prices may vary with remote location deliveries and dry run fees may apply under conditions listed below: