Free Mulch

Mulch enriches your soil with nutrients, promotes more vibrant/thriving root systems, and helps to prevent erosion.

The gradual breakdown of woody material found in the wild is the natural cycle that provides nutrients to the forest. However, in the urban and sub-urban environment, we continually remove “leaf litter”. By simply adding a generous layer of wood chip mulch to your garden, you’ll reverse cycle of stripping of nutrients and instead, give back to your trees and plants, what they really need.

Our mulch is a byproduct of our tree business and is primarily wood chips but also may contain leaf and other organic materials. Each pile is different and may contain a variety of tree species.


Swing by our office 1500 Brommer St Santa Cruz CA 95062 Monday-Friday 7:30-9AM.

Our crew will load your truck or trailer for you. This is the best option for smaller residential needs or if you would like to see the mulch for yourself.

Delivery Request

For loads 20 yards and over please call our office at 831-476-1200 and we will add you to our delivery request list.

Delivery schedule is based purely on convenience for our crew and where they are working.

Free Logs Are Also Available