Organic/Natural Tree Care

Natural Tree Care & Organic Gardening Solutions

Natural tree care has experienced a boom in recent years as homeowners and renters have become more educated in the potential hazards of chemical fertilization and synthetic products. Part of the concerns stems from the fact that chemical products, as opposed to natural or organic options, can reduce your trees natural defense mechanisms as they are pumped full of artificial nutrients.

While these type of products can rapidly increase growth and visible health, they also tend to attract more pests that like to feast on healthy, lush plant life–especially when trees experience unnaturally fast growth. Naturally, this becomes another concern that must be addressed with further procedures to eradicate unwanted insects.

Natural Tree Care

organic-tree-careWith natural tree care products, you are offering nutrient supplementation that does not come with abnormally quick spikes in growth, or the affiliated pests that come along with it. Instead, natural fertilizers are made of organic compounds like animal and vegetable matter, both of which are more consistent with stable growth patterns.

Organic soil and tree products are also exponentially safer for animals and pets that may also use your yard. Additionally, there are studies from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service that indicate that organic options can be more effective than their synthetic counterparts in many cases.

Organic Products & Soil Optimization

Trees tend to lack the organic nutrients needed to thrive in a natural and healthy manner–most of what helps is the stuff we try to keep off of our lawns, such as leaves and other types of organic compost. In order to offset this lack of available nutrients, items like plant and animal matter are a good choice if you’re interested in providing an organic and nutrient-rich soil in which your trees can experience healthy and natural growth.

Visit the Organic Materials Review Institute to learn more information about natural and organic products, as well as which products meet the standards defined by the international nonprofit organization.

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