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Scotts Valley Tree Care

Welcome to Lewis Tree Service, the premier tree trimming and landscape company in Scotts Valley! We have more than 20 years of local experience and offer a number of affordable services for both residential and commercial clients. Here are some of our primary services:

Trimming & pruning – All trees and most shrubs need to be periodically pruned or trimmed to maintain optimal health and even growth patterns. Proper upkeep and maintenance is an important part of an overall tree care plan, not only for the health of the tree, but also for the visual appeal of a landscape. Depending on the type of tree, pruning should be done at a certain time of year as well–an especially important consideration for fruit trees. For more information about pruning and the right time of year to do it, click here to view a resource from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Disease management – Tree health is complex and not all potential problems will offer clear visual signs that there is an issue. This is part of the reason it’s important to work with an ISA certified arborist for certain services–they have the education and trained eye to catch things that others might miss. In terms of disease and pest management, we have several options available to address a number of issues, including natural and organic solutions.

Tree & stump removal – Special equipment is often needed to remove a tree or stump. Depending on the size of the tree, an aerial lift or crane may be required for removal, though that is not always the case. In terms of stump removal, a stump grinder is required, which is a piece of machinery that essentially “saws” the stump down to ground level, where it easier to remove. Regardless of the size or scope of your removal project, we have the required equipment and expert staff to do the job!


Other Tree Services Offered In Scotts Valley

We don’t just offer the services listed above, we also have several other options available in Scotts Valley, including all of the following:

  • Tree cabling & bracing
  • Trimming, pruning, & upkeep
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Natural tree care options
  • Tree inspection & removal
  • Disease management & pest control
  • Tree support systems
  • Fire abatement & brush clearing
  • Stump grinding & removal
  • Cane & aerial lift services
  • Risk assessment
  • Tree inventory & management
  • Hauling services
  • Dumpster rental
  • Drought mitigation
  • Vegetation management

Have questions about a tree or landscape issue? Give us a call today at the number at the top of the page to find out how we can help! We offer FREE cost estimates, both over the phone and through our online request form at the top right of this page!