Customized Tree Maintenance Solutions | Soquel, CA

Customized Tree Maintenance Solutions | Soquel, CA

Looking for a tree service professional in Soquel or have a landscape maintenance project in mind? Lewis Tree Service has more than 20 years of experience, operating locally as a trusted name in all things related to trees, lawns, and landscape maintenance. Here are some of the areas of expertise we offer:

Certified Arborists – Not only do we have experts available for everything from lawn care to tree management, but we also have certified arborists on staff. A certified arborist is someone that has the requisite skills and training, and who has passed an exam on various aspects of arboriculture and how to apply them. The reason this matters is that some tree and plant conditions require a professional eye to diagnose the problem, and more importantly, come up with an appropriate solution.

To learn more about what a certified arborist does and how it can be helpful, see this PDF about why to hire an arborist and how they can help.

Natural & Organic Tree Care – For our customers that prefer an environmentally conscious approach to tree care, we have several naturally based options available. Not only are organic products safer for pets and the environment, but studies have shown that they are equally, if not more effective, than standard synthetic fertilizers in some cases.

Drought Mitigation – Living in California means that drought conditions have an effect on how we care for trees, and the approach we take to keeping them healthy. At Lewis Tree Service, we stay ahead of the curve by helping our customers to implement systems that minimize water usage and maximize efficiency, all while maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape.


Local Tree Service Professionals You Can Trust

Whether you need to rejuvenate or remove a tree, we have the equipment, experience, and expert knowledge to get the job done. We can perform individual services or offer group maintenance packages that include several services. Here are some of the other areas in which we specialize and services we have available in Soquel:

  • Dumpster rental
  • Aerial lift & crane services
  • Tree pruning & trimming
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Tree inspection & removal
  • Disease management
  • Cabling & bracing services
  • Hauling services
  • Fire abatement & vegetation management
  • Tree inventory
  • Risk assessment
  • Tree support systems
  • Brush clearing

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