Stump Grinding

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Stump grinding is a highly specialized service that should only be done by an well-trained technician. Because of the technical knowledge and equipment involved, it can be a risky and dangerous to attempt as a do-it-yourself project. Typically, stump grinding is called for when a tree stump cannot be removed (often, because of the potential for damage caused by the roots).stump-grinding-300x169

For more information about stump grinding and why it’s a necessary component of the overall health of a landscape, see this article from the National Arborists.

These are the main reasons that customers request stump grinding services:

  • Tree stumps tend to attract termites & pests
  • Removal is required for other landscape projects
  • Excess growth and root development
  • Reduce potential for reoccurring sprouts
  • Drainage issues
  • General beautification
  • Stumps can spread disease to other trees

When left unaddressed, a tree stump can become a nuisance to surrounding plants, especially when it comes to the spread of fungi and disease, which can seep into the soil and infect surrounding plants and trees.

A very important factor to keep in mind when hiring a professional to grind or remove a tree stump is if there are any obstacles that may cause a problem. This includes anything, especially underground, that may be affected by the reduction of a stump and its roots. The main issues that come up in this regard are sprinkler systems, underground electrical wiring, sewage lines, and utility assets that may be below the lawn surface. 

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