Stump Removal

Professional Tree Stump Removal From Lewis Tree Service

There are a couple of options available for stump removal depending on the needs of client and limitations of the site. Stump grinding is the most common and cost effective method of removal.  Lewis Tree Service, Inc. has a fleet of stump grinding ranging from small, portable walk behind grinders to large tow behind machines.  The smallest machine can be hand carried up stairs or lifted above retaining walls to access otherwise inaccessible stumps.

stump-grindingThe intermediate sized grinders include both wheel and track self-propelled features. These compact machines have a width of 35 inches, allowing them to fit through standard backyard gates. These machines are the real workhorses of our stump grinding fleet. They are small enough to maneuver along pathways and around obstacles throughout side and backyards of residential or commercial properties.

Our largest stump grinder is the tow behind machine by which all others are judged. This machine as the power and capacity to pulverize any stump up to four feet tall. This unit is primarily used for larger stumps that are accessible by a pickup truck or tractor.

Another option for stump removal is to dig out the stumps using a tractor or by hand. This method is usually more costly and results in greater environmental impact, however Lewis Tree Service, Inc. is equipped to handle such operations using our CAT excavator.

Underground utilities:  No problem, Lewis Tree Service, Inc. will contact USA North representatives prior to digging activities. This process is an essential element to minimize damage to underground water, sewage, power and communication utilities. Unfortunately, we cannot located irrigation or other utility lines that have been installed by the property owner or maintenance personnel that are not accurately mapped.

Root pruning: Arborists at Lewis Tree Service are very familiar with problems caused by invasive or disruptive roots. They can be pruned “prescriptively” like tree branches for a specific, well defined benefit. Root pruning should be performed with restraint as they not only absorb water and nutrients, store food reserves, and synthesize certain organic materials, but they also provide structural support for the tree. Root conflicts vary with plant species, soil conditions, surface covering, rainfall and irrigation practices.

Tree roots should be pruned using sharp pruning tools or saws in order to leave the wounds clean and not jagged. Pruning cuts should be minimized in size as large wounds near the base of the tree are more subject decay over time and the stability of the tree will be reduced. Trees that are weak, stressed or not vigorous should not be root pruned.

Root barriers: Root barriers or deflectors are mechanical guides that redirect tree roots downward or sideways in order to protect sidewalks, driveways or other hardscapes from costly damage. Root barriers can be included as an additional measure of remedial root pruning. Root barriers are available in different materials and sizes in order to provide a wider variety of solutions for your landscape needs.

Lewis Tree Service offers FREE price quotes for any stump removal inquiry in our service area! We are an experienced local stump removal service and carry full liability insurance for every job. Contact us today by calling (831) 508-8995 for service requests or if you have any questions!