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How to Care for Your Trees During a Drought

General overview

check tree leafesIf you live in an environment in which the probability of a drought occurring is quite high, such as in certain parts of California, you may be wondering how to best care for your trees during one. Caring for your trees during a drought is not as hard as it seems, as it’s a matter of being proactive, adjusting to the conditions, and using prudent judgment. If you’re in need of some advice on how to care for your trees during a drought, the following tips will help you out:

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When Should You Prune Your Trees?

General Overview

tree pruningKnowing when to prune your trees is extremely important if you want to make sure that they remain healthy and grow the way you want them to grow. While you can’t entirely shape a tree’s health or its growth pattern, properly pruning it can go a long way towards ensuring that both are optimal. However, knowing when to prune your trees is important, as pruning them during the wrong time can cause more harm than good. Read more

The Best Ways to Care for a Newly-Planted Tree

General Overview

plant a treeWhether you personally planted a new tree or had a professional do it for you, it can be exciting to watch it grow and blossom as time passes. But, while it is exciting, not to mention also fulfilling, to see it develop, you need to make sure that you properly care for a newly-planted tree in order to ensure that it’s healthy and realizes its full growth potential. Here are the most important ways that you should care for a newly-planted tree: Read more

Is Your Tree Healthy?

General Overview

Is Your Tree HealthyEven if you think your trees on your property are perfectly healthy, it’s important to perform a health check of your trees from time to time, especially since the earlier that you spot any problems, the more likely they can be fixed. And best of all, you don’t have to be an experienced arborist to be able to do so. Here are the signs to look for in determining whether your tree is healthy or not: Read more